• CLIENT : Western University
  • SIZE : 11,000 GSF

  • LOCATION: London, ON

The 3rd floor renovation of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University involved the complete floor area renovation of antiquated laboratories into contemporary BSL-2 laboratories and new graduate and post-graduate work areas, as well as multi-purpose meeting and collaboration rooms. This work involved complex servicing work in an older university building.

The scope of work called for complete demolition of the designated 11,000 sq. ft. floor area, including a major asbestos abatement program. The work also included detailed programming for the development of research spaces for Dr. Eric Aarts as part of a larger research component that also took place in the same building. The programming and design identified contemporary approaches to laboratory design that programmed less “wet” benchtop workspace in favour of open benchtop space to accommodate packaged equipment for research. Much of the new digital-based equipment has replaced benchtop research that required multiple stages in process that was human work intensive in completing work.

Through careful iterative collaboration with the research group, a contemporary BSL-2 laboratory model was developed and implemented. The design also included central services (building support) autoclave, glassware washing and contemporary graduate and post-graduate work areas along with multi-purpose meeting and collaboration rooms. This work also involved complex servicing work in the building outside the specific laboratory area.