1600 Hyde Park-2
1600 Hyde Park-1
  • CLIENT : HLH Investments

  • SIZE Phase 1: 1600 Hyde Park 161,400 GSF
  • SIZE Phase 2: 1656 Hyde Park 185,800 GSF

  • LOCATION: London, ON

The project site is located at the intersection of Hyde Park Road and Gainsborough Road; that is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city. The owner wanted to use the concept of a Village to create a new community hub. This project will have a residential and a commercial component. The buildings have been planned to be built in two phases. The massing built has been carefully crafted to create the ambiance of a village, and respect the pedestrian scale; this has been achieved using a podium to sync with the urban built and the towers stepping back to respectfully from the pedestrian view.

Similar approach of 1674 Hyde Park the blend of different materials, stone, metal wood grain siding and cooper aluminum panels create an elegant and playful elevation that interacts with the street. At the end of the construction of the two phases, the project will provide 235 Luxury Residential units, underground parking and 5,600 sf of new retail space.